3 Benefits to Conducting Employee Engagement Surveys

One of the biggest misconceptions that we hear at Roadmap Research Global about the use of employee engagement surveys is that they’re important only for companies with a large number of employees. However, employee engagement is important for any organization, regardless of its size or industry. Employee engagement surveys are a great way to measure an employee’s connection to their work and their level of job satisfaction: these surveys give employees a platform to voice concerns about both the present and future. There are countless reasons a company should be receptive to and take seriously the thoughts and concerns of their employees, especially as things seem to be permanently shifting to a hybrid workspace. In this blog post, we discuss the top three benefits of conducting employee engagement surveys.

Benefit #1: Increased Productivity

It has been proven that when employees are engaged, they are more productive. They take fewer sick days, have lower turnover rates, and are more likely to stay with the company long-term. In fact, as reported by 15five, a study by WTW found that companies with high employee engagement rates had operating margins that were nearly three times those of companies with low engagement rates. Higher operating margins means higher cost savings as well.

Benefit #2: Improved Morale

Engaged employees are more satisfied with their jobs, can better anticipate needs and take on new roles, and think outside the box to rise to new challenges. These employees feel appreciated and feel a sense of purpose in their work. Moreover, this improved morale often leads to a decrease in stress levels, an increased willingness to grow, and improved adaptability and resilience—all of which can lead to better health outcomes for employees and an overall healthier work environment.

Benefit #3: Enhanced Planning

Companies that invest in their employees can spend less time training new employees and more time growing with the employees that have sunk in their roots. Those that make serious investments in their staff can better anticipate and meet the needs of their employees to ensure that they are well prepared and supported—even when things shift to a hybrid work model. Growing with your existing employees means that your future planning will be enhanced: engaged and appreciated employees will be more likely to see the plan through to the end.

Conducting ongoing employee engagement services offers myriad benefits that can be seen in both the short-term and long-term success of a company. If you’re looking for a way to improve your organization’s overall performance, as well as better serve your employees, conducting an employee engagement survey is a proven solution. RRG has the bona fides to explore employers’ curiosity to best meet immediate and long-term needs, as well as the expertise to dig deep and provide strategic planning.